Transaction advisory

Whether your company is a tenant or landlord, whether you want to invest in or carry out a project, we take the time to analyse your needs and then refine a creative, sustainable and, especially, personalised solution. At BelSquare, we do not collect listings, we select them.


Do you need to take stock of your real estate situation? In a context of continuous change, we help you to (re)define your needs, goals and strategy. Used surface, costs of occupation, work dynamics, green performance, location … we will propose corrective actions, if necessary. With discernment and relevance.

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Are you looking for new projects to develop: residential, office or business space? BelSquare can identify the best opportunities for you in terms of sites, buildings and land. We will help you to define development potential, compare several (re)development scenarios and find investors for your project. We also contribute to the development of the financial plan, conduct your purchase options and RDA negotiations, interact directly with local governments, develop the financial analysis under different scenarios and design your business plan.

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Do you want a fresh look for your building? We begin by identifying all the characteristics, then we imagine different scenarios to maximise value, both for selling and for leasing. From prospecting to the transaction, including potential transformations, we are at your side. All in a transparent and efficient way.

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Are you looking for a property expert to offer you the right investments for your profile/strategy/portfolio? Do you need advice for your divestiture policy? We analyse and prepare each transaction at a very early stage. We particularly offer advice to property landlords to secure rental income for their property. We set up the right sales process according to the type of building, investor, market, etc.

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At BelSquare, we have a broad and deep understanding of the Belgian real estate market; whether it relates to offices, industrial, retail, residential, healthcare or leisure & hospitality property, our team will give accurate and valuable advice. Among our clients are investors, developers, businesses, public entities and financial institutions, both national and international. Our reports are fully compliant with the latest RICS (Red Book of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) assessment standards and regulations, IFRS reporting, and Belgian financial and fiscal regulations.

Valuation for acquisition and disposal purposes

We act on behalf of purchasers and sellers in valuing all types of commercial property including offices, retail, industrial and logistics buildings. In addition, we regularly value profit-generating properties, such as hotels, leisure centers and car park facilities.

Valuation for accountancy purposes

Our valuations for inclusion in your company accounts will help you to accurately assess the Market Value of all real estate assets, projects or liabilities.

Valuation for loan security purposes

We provide banks and financial institutions with objective and in-depth valuations for mortgage and loan security or – monitoring purposes.

Valuation advisory

In addition to the above services, we also provide valuation advice to public institutions, corporate companies, investors and developers.


Do you need to take stock of your real estate situation? In a context of continuous change, we help you to (re)define your needs, goals and strategy. Area used, costs of occupation, work dynamics, green performance… we will propose corrective measures, if necessary. With discernment and relevance.

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Design & Build

Are you looking for a new work environment? Our Design & Build team will assist you from design to relocation.

Analysis & Advice

Your "office of tomorrow" has to meet your employees' new expectations. Translating these expectations into a layout concept requires an analysis of your needs so as to incorporate them into your corporate culture.

Concept & Design

We design spaces to suit you and your employees, at the service of your business, dedicated to everyone's well-being, with a strong ecological bias.


Your project is handled from A to Z, from drafting the specifications to the works acceptance of the works and the delivery of your furniture.